Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment

Obsessive compulsive disorder treatment typically consists of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT or talk therapy) and medication. These methods, however, deal with a fraction of the brain while hypnosis can work with the subconscious mind to fully engage your brain’s neural pathways. Although a lot of people find medication helpful in making their OCD symptoms less severe, those who are seeing diminishing returns or don’t wish to rely on SSRIs their whole lives can adopt complementary therapies such as hypnosis to reach further improvements. It’s widely true most clients who struggle with obsessive thinking and behaviour report high levels of anxiety. This anxiety creates a vicious cycle which enables obsessive behaviours. This is something hypnotherapy can treat. If you are looking for a safe, effective addition or alternate solution to your obsessive compulsive disorder treatment, hypnosis is an excellent way to treat not only your symptoms but eliminate the root causes of your behaviours. Our goal at Core Hypnosis is to help you lead enjoyable, happy lives through clinical hypnotherapy. Book a session with an experienced hypnotherapist today.

What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment

Why Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment Is Crucial

Obsessive compulsive disorder presents itself in highly intrusive thoughts and behaviours. It often begins in childhood or adolescence and if left untreated, can persist into adulthood. In severe cases the unwanted obsessive thoughts or compulsive actions cause incredible dysfunction to someone’s quality of life. It will affect their ability to function, result in physical problems or even suicidal thoughts. People with OCD are often at risk of falling back onto maladaptive coping strategies. This includes rumination and thought suppression, compulsions which worsen the outward behaviours of those with OCD. In some cases, OCD can be genetically inherited, but in most their development is linked to underlying emotional or physical causes. It’s why undergoing treatment can be very effective, with combined therapy approaches being successful in more than 80% of those who receive it. This is where a highly trained hypnotherapist comes in. Getting early help is the key to making everyday life much easier, free of the negative impact of your symptoms. Hypnotherapy can effectively help you tackle the underlying anxieties and compulsions that cause obsessive behaviours.

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Hypnosis As Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment

Perhaps you’ve been browsing ‘OCD specialist Melbourne’, ‘OCD clinic Melbourne’, ‘OCD psychologist Melbourne’, ‘OCD psychiatrist Melbourne’ or ‘OCD counselling Melbourne’ to find out the best OCD treatment Melbourne patients can rely on. You’ll find different opinions throughout different OCD Melbourne treatments as some may address the symptoms on a medical level and others on a behavioural level. However, it is best to deal with this opposing spectrum with a degree of flexibility and thoroughness that complementary treatments can help you achieve in combination to traditional options. Hypnotherapy can help you gain the clarity and inner peace needed to eliminate the symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder or anger management. This includes the problem-solving skills that could improve a person’s quality of life. As the majority of OCD conditions are attributable to emotional or developmental causes, hypnotherapy can directly address the root cause of the obsessive compulsive behaviour. Because this is deeply embedded in the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy is the perfect tool as it provides deep relaxation, which helps neutralise the anxiety linked to OCD. It provides the perfect release for any underlying emotional or psychological factors that compound to the OCD. From ego-strengthening techniques, to removal of old triggers and symptoms, an expert hypnotherapist can guide you to process and resolve any anxiety rooted from emotional or physical causes. Hypnotherapy speaks to you on a subconscious level, tackling your OCD at a psychological level so you can refrain from performing the associated compulsive behaviour.

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Countless issues can benefit from treatment at a subconscious level. It’s why hypnotherapy is a great option to support the treatment of various anxiety and mental health conditions. If you’d like a trained hypnotherapist to support your obsessive compulsive disorder treatment, book a session at Core Hypnosis today. We aim to help our clients overcome their symptoms through hypnotherapy so they can lead happy, fulfilling lives.