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Everyone is born with confidence. Nobody is born lacking confidence. No child ever doubts they’ll learn to walk. No infant worries that people are judging them. The lack of confidence is learnt, accumulated, as we grow up, based on our experiences and the way we perceive what is being said to us. Negative thinking is learnt, and often the negative thoughts in our head aren’t even our own thoughts. They’re things that have been said to us by others, and we believed them so we start to live as if the thoughts are true. Sometimes they seem so inherent to who we are and our experience of life that we don’t even question the thoughts. They just run on automatic. A lack of confidence can be the largest stumbling block to success. A person who is happy and successful in their career or relationship often has strong resilience to judgement, rejection and criticism. This stems from their confidence and self-esteem as their sense of worth will remain the same no matter what life events happen to them. Hypnotherapy applies hypnosis for confidence to remove the negative thoughts and thinking patterns so that we’re left with the confidence that we were born with. If you’re interested in changing the way you view and think about yourself, hypnotherapy can help replace the negative opinions you’ve held with positive ones for a healthier, happier life. Call now to book your session.

How Hypnosis For Confidence Improves Your Self Esteem

Negative self-talk can lead to negative self-esteem, which makes a person prone to anxiety and depression. It’s why it’s important to work on your inner voice and self-perception as they can present major hindrances to living your best life. Hypnosis for confidence can effectively promote self-acceptance and belief in your abilities. When you feel confident, you’re more likely to succeed in the things you do. When you see this success, it enables a growth cycle as your confidence builds even more. When you’re self-confident, you won’t be afraid to make mistakes, because you know that you can learn from them. It gives you the self-assuredness and inner strength you need to overcome adversity as it helps shift your focus away from flaws or failures and direct you towards your goals and abilities. Alternatively, without confidence, you can feel stressed, anxious, unfulfilled or unhappy. You’re more likely to avoid challenges or risks, take criticism and negative events personally. A negative self-assessment of your own worth won’t allow you to move toward the life you want, often derailing your growth. You may be at risk of letting criticisms and failures define you, rather than perceiving them as a natural part of development essential to success. If you’d like to correct negative thinking patterns effectively for lasting change, try hypnotherapy for self-confidence.

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How Your Inner Voice Deeply Affects Your Self Confidence

Many of our fears and inhibitions stem from personal experiences we associate with failure, humiliation or criticism. They can happen in the home, at school or other environments from a multitude of sources. They limit our confidence and shape our inner voice. How you speak to yourself is important, it contributes to how you may value or devalue yourself, your ability to seek out your needs and engage in healthy relationships and other professional or personal pursuits. As your perception of yourself is deeply ingrained in your subconscious, your inner voice will affect your behaviour throughout every aspect of life. So if you have consistent negative statements about yourself, then you may begin to accept them as fact. These false beliefs can fester in our subconscious and deplete our confidence. It’s why we need to unlearn these harmful inner voices and fragile thinking so we can naturally restore our confidence. With hypnotherapy, you can quickly drop such limiting, negative thoughts and start to live the life you wish without your inner critic. Hypnosis for confidence removes the negative voice and ultimately leaves positive and empowering thoughts in its stead. Hypnotherapy can help you build on your confidence and instil a cycle of growth so you can reach success and happiness.

Why Working On Your Self Esteem Is Important For Your Life

Your self esteem makes up the lens through which you see the world. It influences the decisions you make, the relationships you have and the achievements you’ll strive for. A negative self esteem will hold you back from developing both professionally and personally. You may be missing out on opportunities that can change your life for the better. The following are just some areas that are heavily influenced by your confidence and self esteem:


a lack of confidence in the workplace can prevent someone from voicing their opinions, exploring new skills and completing different milestones. It hinders their development and career progression. Building confidence can help you reach your full potential and perform well in the workplace.


a lack of self confidence and self esteem widely affects your physical and mental health. It alters how you view yourself, how you take care of yourself and your vulnerabilities. It has a significant impact on your likelihood to develop chronic physical and mental health conditions that will affect your life in the long term. This includes sleep anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse and other issues.


in relationships, a person with low self confidence or low self esteem may find it difficult to have their voice heard and their needs met. It affects their connections with friends, family and partners. A person can be held back from meeting new people or seeking out healthy, meaningful relationships. They are more likely to be prone to isolation, and accept negative circumstances in an existing relationship. This can range from simply staying in unfulfilling ones to those that are detrimental to their health. Improving your confidence and self esteem can help you become more comfortable in social environments. Most importantly, it will help you get the most out of your relationships.

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What Causes Low Self Confidence and Low Self Esteem

A person can suffer from low self confidence and self esteem at any point in their lives. It can be a result of many factors from fear of how other people perceive them to fear of the unknown, to influence from past experiences, friends, family, peers, colleagues or even the media. The things we experience in everyday lives and how the people surrounding us react to those events can affect how we view ourselves and the world that we live in. Oftentimes, memorable, life changing events, negative or positive, including traumatic experiences have significant impact on our sense of belief in ourselves. A hypnotherapist can help you take control of how you feel about yourself so you can be more confident in the future.

How Hypnosis For Confidence Helps You Reach Your Goals

Confidence is a state of mind that allows us to do everything we set our minds to. It does not mean performing tasks perfectly, rather it empowers us to put our best foot forward. In the face of setbacks, mistakes or failures, it lets us move forward and try again so we can succeed. It is a vital trait that can make a huge difference in many key areas of our lives. From career to relationships to your physical and mental health, these are just some areas that will stand to benefit from a high confidence and self esteem. If you feel you could benefit from building your confidence, hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way to make a positive, long-lasting change.

Try Hypnosis For Confidence With Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help you effectively build confidence. It allows you to overcome deep-seated negative beliefs that dwell in your subconscious. Hypnotherapy is particularly useful at making sure this change takes place at a deeper level in your unconscious mind. From instilling positive change to removing psychological causes and triggers of low self esteem, it can foster a sense of resilience, hopefulness and positivity. It will allow you to practice affirmation confidence and repeat positive affirmations to improve confidence levels. The main goal of hypnotherapy for confidence is to reshape your inner voice by accessing your unconscious mind. Your inner voice can be your biggest critic, affecting your thoughts and actions. With its workings, hypnotherapy allows you to overcome negative self perceptions, no matter how deeply embedded they may be.

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Find Out How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Build Confidence

Hypnotherapy can help you see yourself in a kinder light, improve your overall confidence and self belief in key areas you desire be it the workplace, relationships or a specific goal like giving out a presentation or passing an exam. Explore hypnotherapy today to create positive lasting change in your life. Eager to find out how hypnotherapy can help you build confidence? Book a session today at Core Hypnosis.