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Low self esteem is a common issue anyone can have. Our subconscious mind, known as our ‘inner voice’ can play a large role in our lives, contributing to our self perception and our ability to succeed. A low self esteem however controls not only how we feel about ourselves, presents real challenges to the quality of the life we lead. It can be a major hurdle to overcome these negative thoughts despite how irrational they can be. Oftentimes, a low self esteem is based on flaws in our subconscious that aren’t based on fact. They usually stem from our childhoods, formed as a subsequent result of bullying, abuse, overbearing or demanding parents as well as other factors. Utilising hypnotherapy, hypnosis is a powerful intervention to target the root cause of low self esteem and resolve any self confidence issues. It can remove negative, overly critical thoughts that tell a person how to feel about themselves. Confidence hypnosis can help you gain control over your inner voice and reframe it to be healthy, supportive and helpful towards growth and success. If you’d like to feel empowered and be rid of the negative thinking patterns that contribute to a low self esteem, try hypnotherapy. Book your appointment at Core Hypnosis today.

The Prevalence And Common Causes Of Low Self Esteem

You may have low self esteem if you’ve experienced unrealistic expectations from authority figures such as parents, coaches, teachers or bosses. Low self esteem can also come from growing up in a society where your value derives from your accomplishments and you begin to view it synonymously with your self worth. This unhealthy and overly critical mindset can even manifest from an off-hand negative comment from an otherwise supportive loved one or from consuming media that portrays perfection as the norm. Just about anyone can experience circumstances that take a beating to their self worth. If you’re looking for a quick yet sustainable treatment to eliminate ongoing insecurities, hypnotherapy can boost your confidence. With confidence hypnosis, you can eliminate your unconscious, negative thoughts. If you’d like to overcome low self esteem with the right support, mindset and change in behaviour, hypnotherapy is an effective way to develop a positive self image and unlock the best version of yourself.

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The Dangers, Signs and Symptoms Of Low Self Esteem

Without self confidence and self esteem, you’ll be missing critical attributes to achieve success. In becoming a good leader, pursuing opportunities or expressing your ideas with conviction, these qualities are vital in someone who aspires to be a high performer. You may be overlooked for promotions, missing out on relationships and be prone to other issues in life. Not only will a low self esteem hinder you from significant achievements, it can also make you vulnerable to other more complex problems. This includes depression, eating disorders, social anxiety, substance abuse and more. If you or someone you know is dealing with low self esteem, the following are some signs and symptoms to watch out for:

Social Withdrawal

Declining invitations to social outings, cancelling plans last minute, a lack of desire to get to know people on a personal level can be a sign of low self esteem.

Sensitivity to Criticism

A person with low self esteem may be extra sensitive to criticism be it from others or from their inner critic. They feel like their flaws are reinforced through any form of commentary.

Aggression and Hostility

Lashing out and behaving aggressively towards others may be a defense mechanism. When a person with low self esteem feels criticised or vulnerable, they may resort to attacking those they hold responsible.

Excessive Preoccupation with Personal Problems

Someone with low self esteem may consistently worry about their personal issues and spend a lot of time doing so. They may struggle to help or empathise with others because they are excessively preoccupied with their own problems.

Physical Symptoms

Low self esteem may lead to a wide range of mental and physical health issues from anxiety, anorexia, depression to unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and substance abuse.

Hypnosis For Low Self Esteem and Confidence

It’s time to remove old insecurities and boost your self esteem so you can enjoy your life and find success. Using hypnotherapy, you’ll be able to reprogram your old way of thinking, release negative emotion and effectively raise your self esteem. A very low self esteem can be someone’s major roadblock to success. Those without a strong sense of self worth are often easily intimidated or face various setbacks in connecting with others. This affects their ability to network, build a business and nurture meaningful interpersonal relationships. More importantly, those with low self esteem are less likely to handle failure and criticism well, often taking them personally. They may find themselves struggling with indecision or unable to take risks because of their lack of faith in themselves. This may be perceived as a lack of initiative in the workplace or household, causing friction and frustration from higher ups, partners, friends and family members. Hypnosis is an effective tool to root out and remove a wide range of psychological issues, and it can be used to resolve low self esteem problems.

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How Hypnotherapy For Low Self Esteem Can Help You

Hypnotherapy is an accessible, powerful treatment approach to build self love, self confidence and self esteem. Regardless of what caused these unhealthy thinking patterns and negative behaviours to begin with, hypnotherapy can effectively improve your self worth and mental health. It helps you cultivate a new positive mindset by releasing the old negative one. Hypnosis helps you let go of limiting beliefs about yourself and increases your self confidence. As a result, you can better navigate challenges without being triggered by deep-seated fears as the root of your anxiety and self doubt can be removed with hypnosis. Hypnosis enables you to change your self belief, building on positive affirmations to affect your brain system so you can move forward in life with optimism and purpose.

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