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with Professional Hypnotherapist Tony Cook

“Done correctly hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that provides a pathway to the subconscious where deep and lasting change can take place.” – Tony Cook, Melbourne Hypnotherapy Specialist

A powerful pathway to deep lasting change

Most people will experience some form of psychological, physical or emotional stress, trauma or other issue in their life time. Many people suffer from fears and addictive behaviours that prevent them reaching their full potential. This could range from being unable to stop smoking to suffering from PTSD.

Clinical hypnosis is recognised by medical professionals as an effective, safe and lasting treatment for many psychological, physical and emotional issues.

Hypnotherapy can be used to treat and cure weight issues, depression, trauma and PTSD, fear of public speaking and phobias, drug and alcohol problems, compulsive behaviours such as eating disorders, general stress, self confidence and procrastination, and is commonly used as an effective method to quit smoking.

A hypnotherapy clinic can help guide you to overcome these issues you may be facing so you can achieve your goals and see positive change in your life. Being in this state of mind can help improve your overall mental health and wellbeing.

Tony Cook is one of Melbourne’s leading clinical hypnotherapists and his Core Hypnosis therapy gently and safety guides patients from a place of fear, trauma and destructive behaviour to freedom, confidence and purpose that lasts a life time.

BNurs, Ad. Dip. Clinical Hypnosis, Power Imagery Practitioner.

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Treatment Plans

Individuals may require fewer or a greater number of sessions to address their therapeutic needs.

Acute Condition

3 Sessions
Insomnia / Lack of Sleep
Work Stress
Anger Management
Illness Diagnosis / Remission
Dating / Social Anxiety
Sexual Anxiety
Marital Issues
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Chronic Disorder

5 Sessions
Anxiety Disorder
Domestic Violence
Assault Survivors
Death / Bereavement
Emergency Services Workers
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Long-Term Condition

7 Sessions
Weight Loss / Gain
Alcohol Addiction
Other Drug Addictions
Gambling / Pornography Addictions
Self Harm / Suicidal Ideation
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What Core Hypnosis Clients Say…

  • ‘As a medical doctor I have always been skeptical of hypnotherapy. I had seen a counsellor for many years for anxiety, but the results I have gotten with Core Hypnosis are far more impactful. I was surprised to discover that I was aware during the hypnotherapy session and I could remember everything after. After four sessions I’m the calmest and most grounded that I have ever felt. Even after just one session I noticed a marked improvement in my nervous disorder. I highly recommend Core Hypnosis; the best hypnotherapist in Melbourne.’
    Rachel (Generalised Anxiety Disorder)