Hypnotherapy For Public Speaking Phobia

Public speaking phobia also known as glossophobia is a relatively common phobia. In fact, a majority of the general population will experience anxiety over public speaking at some point in their lives. For those affected by a phobia of public speaking, speaking in front of a group triggers feelings of anxiety and discomfort. But while some people experience speech anxiety only as slight nerves, its symptoms vary widely across those struggling with it. Some report incapacitating fear that prevents them from accomplishing the things they want. Overcoming fear of public speaking can feel like a challenge especially when it has been a long-term issue. It is all the more reason to have as much support as possible in your treatment. If you’d like a new approach in dealing with your speech anxiety, hypnotherapy for public speaking phobia can help you overcome your symptoms. This way, you can feel calm and confident when you need to speak in any professional or personal capacity. Call Core Hypnosis today to book a session.


Why Public Speaking Phobia Should Be Proactively Treated

The fear of public speaking is a performative fear. It often emerges when someone overestimates the stakes of communicating their ideas in front of others, fearing they might be scrutinised and potentially lose their credibility and image in front of the audience. While it isn’t unusual to feel anxious or uncomfortable in situations where a person is likely to be the center of attention, in activities like public speaking, some accounts of glossophobia can be severe enough to negatively affect a person’s life. It limits social interactions and interpersonal opportunities, making navigating society and relationships difficult. While public speaking phobia may not result in chronic physical health conditions, its anxiety symptoms can decrease a person’s quality of life. From feeling a general dissatisfaction to developing avoidance tendencies when it comes to group interaction, it may hinder you from achieving the professional or personal goals you desire. It’s why taking a proactive approach to deal with your public speaking phobia is recommended.

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How Hypnotherapy For Public Speaking Phobia Can Help You

During a hypnotherapy session, you will be able to relax your mind to experience focused attention, less self-consciousness, and exercise greater physical and emotional control. An experienced practitioner can help guide you in this process. In this relaxed state, you will be able to resolve the anxieties and emotional weight that contribute to your public speaking phobia while avoiding the common symptoms of speech anxiety. This includes shaking, sweating, dry mouth, feeling butterflies in your stomach, rapid heartbeat and squeaky voice. Hypnotherapy allows you to eliminate the triggers that result in your public speaking phobia. This promotes feelings of calm and peacefulness that can effectively neutralise your speech anxiety the next time you face a similar situation.

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If you’re interested in hypnotherapy for public speaking phobia, then book a session with one of our experienced practitioners at Core Hypnosis. We offer 90-minute hypnotherapy sessions to help you overcome your speech anxiety. As hypnotherapy is a non-invasive, minimal risk treatment approach, it lets you immediately get back to your daily activities. With the lack of side effects to your physical health, it is a popular treatment method to resolve various forms of anxiety. In fact, hypnotherapy is known to effectively boost wellbeing, feelings of hopefulness and lift mood. Interested in seeing results? Contact us today to make your booking.