Tony Cook

Melbourne’s Leading Clinical Hypnotherapist

Tony Cook is a leading clinical hypnotherapist in Melbourne and Power Imagery practitioner, specialising in the treatment of addictions, depression, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and the developer of the unique Core Hypnosis hypnotherapy technique.

Core Hypnosis is a resolution-focused hypnotherapy that safely and effectively guides clients out of trauma or destructive behaviour, resolves associated emotions and memories, and leads clients to experience a whole new level of freedom, confidence and purpose that lasts a life time.

Core Hypnosis sessions guarantee clients a welcoming, safe, confidential and empathic environment to explore their core issues, and move from fear and trauma to the freedom and power to get back in control of their life.

Core Hypnosis can be used for weight loss, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), victims of sexual assault, addictions and gambling, depression, relationship issues, stress, fears and phobias, nail biting, postnatal depression, death and bereavement, social and sexual anxieties, and childhood traumas.

Tony Cook developed his unique Core Hypnosis therapy after 20 years as a Registered Nurse working in general medical, surgical, oncology and critical care, along with his wealth of experience in the practice of mindfulness, meditation and imagery techniques, and his clinical hypnosis studies under Rick Collingwood, Australia’s premier clinical hypnotist and hypnotist trainer.

Tony Cook holds a Bachelor Degree in Nursing (Australian Catholic University), a Certificate in Hypnotherapy (Academy of Hypnotic Science), a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis (Australian Academy of Hypnosis), and an Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis (Australian Academy of Hypnosis).

‘Done correctly, hypnosis is a powerful tool that provides a pathway in to the subconscious where deep and lasting change can take place.’ – Tony Cook

Image of Tony Cook the Melbourne Hypnotherapist

What Core Hypnosis Clients Say…

  • ‘I feel like I am home. The person I was died in Afghanistan, and now it feels like I've got a big part of myself back. The reduction in anxiety, stress and tension has given me head space to find peace and slow down. Now I'm a better personal trainer, and an even better single dad. I’ve been asked to say a few words at my son’s school on Anzac Day. It will be a very special moment for my son to see his dad in uniform speaking to his school. Core Hypnosis paved the way for me to be the best version of myself.’  
    Jordan (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Active Military Service)