Hypnotherapy For Addiction

Addiction is a form of self-harm and can present itself in many forms. From substance abuse of drugs and alcohol to binge eating junk food, gaming and electronic use, to sex and pornography and many more, it can appear as both visible and invisible compulsions. It generally results in concentration problems and cognitive impairments, irresponsible finances and decision making as well as physical, social and psychological problems in the long run. At its worst, these addictions escalate into self-injurious behaviour that leads to major lifelong consequences. For instance, a person with alcoholism may have to deal with liver failure, a binge eater is at risk of cardiac disease while a person addicted to sex and pornography may struggle with forming meaningful romantic relationships. Hypnotherapy for addiction is proven to be effective in helping individuals eliminate the unhealthy behaviours and triggers of their addiction. An expert hypnotherapist can help a person with an addiction to course correct and resolve any underlying compulsions that contribute to their addiction. This will effectively improve their health and mental wellbeing. If you’re interested in making significant progress in your addiction recovery, book a hypnotherapy session with Core Hypnosis today. We offer hypnosis for addiction as well as targeted hypnotherapy for drug addiction.


Why You Should Try Hypnotherapy For Addiction Treatment

The difference between a person who can overcome their addiction and those who are unable to simply lies in the amount of resources and support available to them. Most addicts want to see positive change, but are often trapped in a never ending cycle of relapse. They may find the necessary tools to cope unreachable whether due to financial constraints or personal problems. Furthermore, the complex workings of addiction also results in stigma that can make addicts feel isolated, neglected and ostracised in society. This can lead them to become more discouraged from seeking proper treatment due to fear of shame. Some people may even go to extreme lengths to hide their addiction from loved ones. Hypnotherapy for addiction treatment can help you address and eliminate unhealthy behaviours and triggers that contribute to your addiction in a safe, controlled space. It is effective in creating sustainable results and offers minimal to no side effects. If you’d like to see important outcomes in your recovery, then hypnotherapy is a great alternate solution that lets you work through and overcome your addiction sustainably. If you’d like to live life with confidence, free from addiction, hypnotherapy is an excellent treatment choice for your healing. Hypnosis for drug addiction in particular remains a powerful intervention in patients who require rapid yet sustainable improvement.

hypnosis for addiction
hypnosis for addiction treatment

How Hypnotherapy For Addiction Treatment Works

Addiction is a dangerous thing. When a person spirals into addiction and lets it control their life, it can jeopardise their entire future. From costly complications whether on a personal or financial level, a lack of coping strategies will result in declining mental health and deteriorating physical health. If left untreated, the consequences may be irreversible. Our hypnotherapists at Core Hypnosis can provide you the support you need to recover from your addiction. During sessions, we can resolve the underlying emotional or psychological triggers of your addiction and provide a release through hypnotherapy. We help you gain the groundwork to focus on and target negative thinking patterns and unhealthy behaviours that result in addiction. With hypnotherapy, you’ll be able to correct these habits and thought patterns that worsen addiction and replace them with healthier behaviours. The use of hypnotherapy for addiction treatment is especially effective in addition to other treatments. It enhances a person’s wellbeing, ability to focus and concentrate as well as their emotional reasoning.

Begin Your Recovery By Booking A Hypnotherapy Session

At Core Hypnosis, our focus is to give individuals suffering from addiction the support they need to see a sustainable recovery. Our experienced hypnotherapists can help you work through unlearning the unhealthy behaviours that enable the addiction, removing their influence so you can overcome your addiction completely. Furthermore, if the addiction stems from an underlying mental health condition or trauma, hypnotherapy is especially useful in resolving the psychological causes of your addiction. We can directly work on eliminating the triggers and symptoms of your addiction so you can live healthier, happier lives. Call our team at Core Hypnosis today to discuss your needs and make your booking.