Hypnotherapy For Nail Biting

Nail biting is a compulsive habit commonly found in many people. While it is mostly present in children, adults can likewise have this problem. Chronic nail biting is typically associated with symptoms of an anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder given the person has difficulty stopping. Oftentimes, nail biters want to stop but are unable to succeed. While attempting to quit is encouraged, the workings behind compulsive nail biting also known as onychophagia is not easy to tackle alone. As most nail biters cannot stop the behaviour on their own despite wanting to, it’s ineffective to simply tell a loved one to stop and expect them to. Hypnotherapy for nail biting is becoming more popular as it can effectively help nail biters access their subconscious and eliminate the triggers behind the nail biting behaviour directly. The guided hypnosis allows patients to resolve their symptoms and correct the behaviours or underlying compulsions that caused the habit. Interested in seeing results? Book your first hypnotherapy session with experts from Core Hypnosis today and try hypnosis for nail biting.


Why You Need Hypnotherapy For Nail Biting Habits

Nail biting is automatic. People bite their nails without thinking. While children can outgrow the behaviour, sometimes it persists into adulthood. While nail biting behaviour can stem from any number of things and can occur with or without any underlying physical conditions, it is important to understand where it stems from if there is a source. This is so that more than only mitigate the challenges of nail biting, you’ll be able to abstain from the behaviour completely and eliminate the compulsions that encourage it in the first place. Nail biting is often associated with conditions such as separation anxiety, tic disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other mental health problems. These can pose bigger, more complex problems in the long run if left unresolved. Furthermore, they also cause more immediate physical concerns. This includes bacterial infections, wounds to the nailbed and skin, irritation and damage, to the increased risk of infections due to spreading germs from the fingers to the mouth. To stop nail biting hypnosis has been found to be particularly useful in creating long-term results. In addition, we highly recommend reading our  “How hypnotherapy help  for children“.

hypnosis for nail biting
core hypnosis for nail biting

Hypnotherapy For Nail Biting And Mental Health Conditions

Compulsive behaviours such as nail biting can cause shame, denial or dismissal as it is easy to neglect its significance. These are not healthy ways to respond to a form of maladaptive behaviour and moreover leaves nail biters vulnerable to the problems their behaviours can cause. Hypnotherapy for nail biting is an increasingly popular alternate solution to help compulsive nail biters recover. Hypnosis is a painless, risk-free way to address and eliminate the subconscious compulsions that result in nail biting behaviours. From resolving triggers and emotional burdens, an experienced practitioner can help you get to the root of the problem. As a result, you’ll be able to overcome any stressor or underlying turmoil and forgo nail biting. Enquire now to book your first session.

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It can be easy to overlook problems like nail biting. But letting the habit fester is a mistake that should be prevented to ensure the person’s wellbeing. If you’d like to help a loved one recover or you yourself are a chronic nail biter, our experienced hypnotherapist can help. We specialise in hypnotherapy for compulsive behaviours like nail biting as well as other mental health conditions. Call now to book your appointment.