Hypnotic Gastric Band

A hypnotic gastric band, virtual gastric band hypnosis or gastric band hypnotherapy is a popular alternative to gastric band surgery. It is a safe and affordable non-invasive procedure that involves hypnosis where the brain is ordered to believe the stomach is smaller than it really is. This reinforces you to suppress your appetite when your hunger is sated and make improvements in changing negative eating habits that caused the obesity or overweight issues to begin with. Hypnotic gastric band combines elements of cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy techniques. Together, they let you explore, analyse and change your eating habits, removing any underlying emotional triggers that prevent you from healthy living. To sum up, hypnotic gastric band sessions are designed to help you manage your portion control during conscious states. This leads to weight loss and better health outcomes for patients without needing to take on the risks of undergoing a physical gastric lap-band surgery. Interested in this alternate solution? Book your gastric band hypnotherapy session at Core Hypnosis today.

How A Hypnotic Gastric Band Helps With Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy is a holistic treatment approach to weight loss that reinforces the subconscious mind and the body to work together. During gastric band hypnotherapy, you will be placed under hypnosis so you can resolve any old triggers or emotional reasons that hinder your weight loss. Using this mind and body connection, an experienced hypnotherapist will fit a virtual gastric band to your stomach to help you eat lesser amounts and less often. Re-hypnosis can help with reinforcing the change to your eating habits. This fulfills the same purpose as someone who has undertaken an actual lap-banding procedure. A hypnotic lap band alters the way your mind responds to what your body is telling you without invasive methods. It can help you to exercise more, to eat when hungry and to stop when full and commit to other efforts to lose weight. This can include abstaining from junk food cravings or nighttime eating. Lap band hypnotherapy allows you to feel calm and relaxed both in mind and body. It effectively reshapes your relationship with food, eating and your body.

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Try Hypnotic Gastric Band And Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy alters the way your mind responds to the urges of your body. Because most causes of obesity and overweight have a psychological root, it is especially effective in helping with weight loss. Hypnotherapy can correct the unhealthy habits that lead to weight issues such as eating for comfort due to stress or being tired, or any other poor food intake choices. When the sources of these issues are addressed directly, weight loss won’t be just a quick fix and you can make lasting changes to improve your health.

In the case of a specific hypnotherapy technique aimed at weight loss such as hypnotic gastric band, the hypnosis allows you to reap the benefits of a lap-band procedure without needing to undergo the operation. A virtual gastric band will suppress your appetite and reshape your eating habits into healthier ones that promote sustainable, long-term weight loss. It gives you the opportunity to remove limitations or negative triggers attached to weight loss so you can achieve tangible results. If you would like to improve your eating habits and see better health outcomes for your body, gastric banding hypnosis is a great treatment to try out.

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The Safer, Minimal Risk Approach To Weight Loss

While a gastric lap-band surgery has a low mortality rate, over one in four people experience complications directly after undergoing a lap-band procedure. Thus a safe surgery by no means guarantees a safe outcome with the potential risks involved. This includes complications such as blood clots, bowel function changes, bowel perforation, esophageal dilation, gallstones, food trapping, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and band problems. These conditions can become life threatening or chronic, and are more complex and costly to fix in the long run. They can significantly impede your health with long-term implications on your body. Furthermore, lap-band surgeries can be especially expensive as it includes surgery fees, anaesthetist fees, in-patient hospital fees and various incremental costs you will incur during recovery. On the other hand, hypnotherapy for weight loss and hypnotic gastric band provide safe, affordable alternatives. They are relatively inexpensive compared to other treatments such as subscription diet programs and weight loss surgery. Furthermore, they are more likely to produce sustainable results in the long run.

Book Your Gastric Band Hypnotherapy At Core Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is a safe non-invasive alternative treatment for weight loss. It is a financially viable solution for many and prevents the potential risks of a gastric band surgery while letting you obtain similar benefits. From appetite suppression to correction of unhealthy eating patterns, a hypnotic gastric band can help you reach sustainable weight loss. If you’re interested in improving your health and seeing results for your body, try hypnotherapy today. Begin by booking a session with an expert hypnotherapist from Core Hypnosis.