Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

Weight loss is something a majority of the population struggle with. In fact, two-thirds of Australian adults are overweight and obese. The prevalence of overweight and obesity continues to rise in Australian adults year after year, becoming a major health issue in Australia. It’s even reported 40% of Australian PVCD mortality is linked to overweight and obesity. If you’ve been trying to lose weight but are struggling with seeing significant progress, hypnotherapy for weight loss is a great option to try out. In a 90-minute long hypnotherapy session, an expert hypnotherapist can use various relaxation techniques to help you enter a dream-like state. Don’t worry, you will still be conscious, aware and in control of your actions. In this session, your hypnotherapist can help remove old triggers and emotional barriers that prevent you from losing weight effectively, leading you to sustainable weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Interested in gaining body confidence? Try hypnotherapy for weight loss to see amazing results. Book your first session with Core Hypnosis today.

How Does Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Work

If you’re wondering does hypnosis work for weight loss, hypnotherapy can help target unwanted or unhealthy habits that hinder progress effectively. Your hypnotherapist can help you resolve underlying psychological or emotional triggers that contribute to or worsen your weight loss problems. Hypnotherapy provides a release of past triggers and psychological causes that inhibit you from seeing significant outcomes in your weight loss journey. This will hence eliminate harmful or unhealthy behaviours and ideas in relation to food, eating and your body. For example, this can mean pushing you to abstain from behaviours like binge eating, skipping on exercising or nutritional eating. Apart from taking on a more proactive and rigorous approach to weight loss, it can also be beneficial to inspect why food has become an addiction or a form of escapism, as often this tendency stems from a deeper underlying issue. Hypnotherapy can effectively address and resolve these issues accordingly. In treating the condition of overweight or obesity as well as body dysmorphia, hypnotherapy can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle that will result in a better self-image. It is an affordable, non-invasive alternative weight loss treatment that won’t only see healthy, long-term results but boost morale, wellbeing and self-esteem. Try hypnosis for weight loss today to see sustainable, long-term results.

hypnosis for weight loss
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Why You Should Start Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Right Away

Obesity is one of the leading causes of cardiac related death in Australia as well as worldwide. It results in a considerably shortened lifespan, lower quality of life, cardiac problems, body image problems and various life threatening conditions if left untreated. Furthermore, often those who struggle with dysmorphia and wish to lose weight may turn to harmful outlets when their efforts prove unsuccessful. This includes drastic attempts such as relying on unsustainable diets that destroy the body’s healthy cells, developing eating disorders, and turning to fat loss surgery. On the other hand, hypnotherapy for weight loss can instill a desire for healthy habits that lead to natural weight loss. This eliminates the need for invasive treatments and further risk to your body. If you’d like a safe and consistent approach in achieving weight loss and body confidence, hypnotherapy is a great alternative to try out.

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At Core Hypnosis, we offer hypnotherapy for weight loss in Melbourne. If you’re interested in a session, then book your first appointment with an experienced hypnotherapist today. We are proud to work with an ever-increasing number of clients throughout their weight loss journey. Our goal is to support you in obtaining healthier bodies through a healthier lifestyle. Discuss your needs with a member of our team and book your first hypnotherapy session today.