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Core Hypnosis A powerful pathway to deep lasting change.
Hypnotherapy is the process of guiding a person to enter what is known as a Theta brainwave pattern, the same brainwave as deep day dreaming or REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement sleep).

During hypnosis a patient’s eyes are closed and they are relaxed, but they remain aware and conscious. The hypnotherapy process gives patients a safe space to engage in a conversation with the hypnotherapist.

Core Hypnosis guides you to a resolution, enabling you to get back in control of your life!
Yes. Patients remain aware and in control during hypnosis. Many people experience having more control over their mind and body during hypnosis than they do in their normal conscious state.

No one has ever done anything involuntarily during Core Hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is a process to guide you to a resolution of your issue and regain control over your life.

No. The imagery techniques used during Core Hypnosis do not cause patients to re-live traumatic events or cause people to be further traumatised.

Core Hypnosis enables you to live free of past trauma and future re-traumatisation.
See the complete list of issues that Core Hypnosis can treat on our Services page.
Core Hypnosis is a resolution-focused therapy. Tony Cook is a leading hypnotherapist in Melbourne works with patients to discover what is at the core of their issue and guides them to a resolution that disappears the destructive behavior, the recurring trauma or the negative emotion.

Tony Cook works from the premise that by resolving a core experience hypnosis can address many areas of life.

Core Hypnosis opens up new perspectives and gives you back your power.
The Core Hypnosis process resolves core issues, removes self doubt and clients experience a new found freedom, confidence and purpose.

Results include: self confidence, weight loss, improved well-being, dating confidence, setting of life goals, discovery of life purpose, knowing your place in the world, moving forward, freedom from holding back, freedom from the past, achieving goals, letting go of regrets, letting go of negative thoughts, letting go of limitations, while gaining focus and courage.
No. Core Hypnosis discovers what is at the core of your issue and uses hypnotherapy techniques to resolve and disappear the presenting issue. Core Hypnosis does not require you learning management techniques to reduce issues such as anxiety, nightmares or PTSD.
Core Hypnosis sessions are conducted at Four Seasons Wellness Centre, 305 Johnston St, Abbotsford, Vic 3067
I was known as someone who was quick to anger. It was ugly, and affected everyone around me, especially those I loved. The Core Hypnosis process was like watching myself heal. It was calm, it was relaxing, and huge weight lifted off my heart. Now I can express love, tolerance and acceptance. I can recommend Core Hypnosis with Tony Cook to anyone.’
(Anger Management)

‘Core Hypnosis changed my life, completely. The abuse no longer has any kind of hold on me, and I’m no longer emotionally activated by it. I am left with only possibilities: the possibility of freedom; of self love; self worth; and openness. A result I didn’t expect is no longer holding negative feelings towards my father. Whether you believe it or not, it’s real and it works.’
(Childhood Sexual Trauma)

‘I feel happy for the first time in ages. If I think about those events now, I can’t remember the details and even the most horrific parts don’t bring back the intense fears I used to experience. Core Hypnosis has definitely changed my life, my friends can’t believe that something I’ve carried for the last 6 years has gone.’
(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Domestic Abuse)

‘I feel like I am home. The person I was died in Afghanistan, and now it feels like I’ve got a big part of myself back. The reduction in anxiety, stress and tension has given me head space to find peace and slow down. Now I’m a better personal trainer, and an even better single dad. I’ve been asked to say a few words at my son’s school on Anzac Day. It will be a very special moment for my son to see his dad in uniform speaking to his school. Core Hypnosis paved the way for me to be the best version of myself.’
(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Active Military Service)

‘For over 50 years I had been suffering from post traumatic stress, and didn’t recognise it. The techniques Tony Cook employed are fast and effective. My life has changed to such a point that I feel as if I am a different person, back to my former self. I have no hesitation in recommending Core Hypnosis to anyone who suspects they have PTSD.’
(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Active Military Service)

My experience of Tony Cook’s Core Hypnosis has fundamentally altered my experience of myself and relieved me of a deep sadness. I had suicidal thoughts since I was 16. My method of coping with it was to over eat. Core Hypnosis finally got me to the core of my issue, and now my experience of every day living has changed and I can calmly address my eating issues.’
(Weight Loss)

‘I was never a fan of introspection. I don’t like the idea of an unknown person poking around in my mind. That was pretty much how I lived my life too, I was distant and unaffected. Core Hypnosis dealt with trauma no one else had been able to reach, and for the first time I’m actually enjoying being alive.’
(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

‘As a medical doctor I have always been skeptical of hypnotherapy. I had seen a counsellor for many years for anxiety, but the results I have gotten with Core Hypnosis are far more impactful. I was surprised to discover that I was aware during the hypnotherapy session and I could remember everything after. After four sessions I’m the calmest and most grounded that I have ever felt. Even after just one treatment I noticed a marked improvement in my anxiety levels. I highly recommend Core Hypnosis.’
(Generalised Anxiety Disorder)

‘Tony’s empathetic approach made it easy for me to feel safe and drop into hypnosis. His approach is unique as he comes from a place of really understanding what it means to overcome some of the toughest childhood traumas. If you want to create the life of your dreams and release what is in the way, I highly recommend Core Hypnosis.’
(Childhood Trauma)
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