Debunking The Myths About Hypnosis

Myth: Hypnotists Have Complete Control Over Their Subjects

This is not true at all. There is a common myth that once a hypnotist places someone into a trance, they have complete control over that person. We see this in stage shows where participants are apparently so subjectable that they start acting in an embarrassing way. Hypnotists can’t make people act like a chicken against their free will. Instead, subjects are in control of their actions and thoughts and are simply guided by the hypnotist.

Myth: Subjects Will Repeat Anything And Respond To Any Suggestion From The Hypnotist

This is another myth where cartoons and popular culture have skewed the reality of hypnosis. Authentic hypnotists aren’t going to wave a watch in front of someone’s eyes and get them to repeat every line they say. Hypnosis doesn’t rely on this sort of up-front suggestion. There are no aggressive, bullying tactics here. Instead, hypnosis relies on many post-hypnotic suggestions to help subjects deal with the issues and thought patterns. Ideas fed to people in trance work in the unconscious long after the session.

Myth: Anyone Can Be Hypnotised

Myth: Hypnosis Is Only Possible Under The Direct Influence A Trained Hypnotist

Myth: A Skilled Hypnotist Can Cure People Of Their Debilitating Phobias In No Time At All

It May Be Time To Re-Evaluate The Idea Hypnosis

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