Using Hypnosis To Aid Anxiety Disorders

Stressful events of a high magnitude can often lead to anxiety disorders. The events stick with us and create deep feelings of stress and trauma. Common examples include the loss of a loved one, a physical or emotional attack, or scenarios that bring up deep rooted fears. Some events are short-term but impactful, such as traumatic accidents or crimes. Others have more obvious long term effects on our lives, such as a break up, bereavement or job loss. Either way, the effects can be devastating without appropriate support.

It is also important to note that not all incidents of anxiety and PTSD come from first hand experiences. Some people can experience second-hand anxiety from global events and news reports, such as coverage of terrorist attacks. If they can identify with the trauma of the people on screen, it can seep into their own mindset. The news coverage of 9/11 or the assassination of JFK are great examples. People vividly remember where they were and how they felt. The images and consequences stayed with them.

The causes are widespread, but they all share a common factor – deep meaning

The link between all of these events is the deep meaning that they have. They all produce a strong emotional reaction of fear, distress or both. We feel that something we value is about to be taken away. Break ups take away the love of a partner. We fear we won’t see them again and won’t ever find love. Job losses take away financial security. We fear that loss of income will ruin our lives if we can’t pay bills or the rent. Terror attacks take away feeling of personal security. We fear that one day it could be us, or someone with love, caught up in an event. People outside of these events see this fear as irrational. Yet, this fear can be crippling, stopping us for functioning in day-to-day life and placing a skewed view on personal situations.

This fear and anxiety is also the result of a feeling of inescapability. There is that sense that not only is there loss and change, that this situation doesn’t have an obvious solution. The harsh finality of a divorce, bereavement or redundancy makes it difficult to see a means of escape. This is even more true for those that have experienced trauma before. The landscape of the brain alters after a traumatic event, making it more susceptible in the future.

Hypnosis can help sufferers push past this idea of inescapability to a better future

Hypnosis for anxiety works to help patients uncover a new belief system and identity where this fear and trauma isn’t so finite. It helps to restructure the landscape of the brain and cognitive distortions to help users break through. This means they can work on a more positive outlook to a time where anxiety doesn’t rule their lives. This allows for positive affirmations, but also helpful visualisation techniques. Those that can visualise the better future they are after can then see beyond that prison of anxiety and the event holding them back. By delving into the subconscious like this, anxiety sufferers can begin to heal.

It is all about working with a positive approach and dispelling any negative self-schemas. Self-schemas are the deep-rooted beliefs and memories that form a basis for this fear and anxiety. They program the way that the brain reacts to events and distressing situations. A deep hypnosis system allows users and therapists to unlock those subconscious self-schemas and adjust them. This targets the underlying problem and allows for greater progress. Not only could the approach improve current anxiety disorders, it might help to stop further incidents in the future.

Core Hypnosis can help you get to these negative memories and change your outlook

Anybody that finds themselves struggling with any of these issues, and thinks that hypnotherapy might help, should contact us at Core Hypnosis. Our experts are on hand to provide the guidance and support that you need to push through those issues and break free from anxiety disorders. Anxiety doesn’t have to control your life and this trauma doesn’t have to last. Hypnotherapy may take a little time, but it is a positive step in the right direction. Call 0432 808 450 to find out more.

What Core Hypnosis Clients Say…

  • ‘I feel like I am home. The person I was died in Afghanistan, and now it feels like I've got a big part of myself back. The reduction in anxiety, stress and tension has given me head space to find peace and slow down. Now I'm a better personal trainer, and an even better single dad. I’ve been asked to say a few words at my son’s school on Anzac Day. It will be a very special moment for my son to see his dad in uniform speaking to his school. Core Hypnosis paved the way for me to be the best version of myself.’  
    Jordan (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Active Military Service)