Understanding The Cause Of Your Stress In Order To Beat It

Work Related Stress Is Often At The Top Of The List For Many People

When asked about the main causes of stress in their lives, most sufferers will mention the workplace. Key factors here include the following:

1. increased pressure to perform due to new targets and expectations from management
2. the toll of long work hours and overtime
3. a lack of training or experience for the position workers find themselves in.
4. a lack of communication between departments on key projects
5. discrimination from co-workers or management due to gender, sexuality or disability
There is often a vicious cycle where work becomes difficult to manage, affecting worker health and productivity. This can lead to a need to undertake a more unreasonable workload, or excessive hours, in order to rectify any mistakes or lost time. Ongoing issues could also lead to problems with management, which leads to more stress. This increase in stress could come from anything from a difficult project or new role, to harassment or internal financial issues.

Unfortunately, Our Relationships Aren’t Always The Source Of Stress Relief That We Need

Ideally, those with workplace stress should be able to unload and go over issues with family and friends after work. Yet, relationships are another big source of stress. Strained relationships with spouses, partners or children creates a stressful home to return to. Many workers also find themselves responsible for the care of disabled or elderly relatives when they are off the clock. This acts like another stressful job, with its own concerns.

The issue here is two-fold. Stress caused by relationship problems can be just as harrowing and debilitating as work related stress. In addition to this, there isn’t the support network that workers need in times of trouble. One of the common pieces of advice for those suffering with stress is to talk it out. Tell a spouse, friend or parent about the situation to unburden yourself. This is easier said than done if a parent is ill, a spouse is distant or abusive, or if friends are absent.

These Added Pressures Put A Strain On The Health Of Workers

Once You Have Determined The Root Of Stress, You Can Work To Eliminate It And Improve Your Health

This is the first step on a positive road to recovery. Isolating problems and potential solutions provides hope and goals to work towards. From there, you can work on improving your sleep, diet and exercise regime. These natural, basic remedies can help with stress relief and boost health. Mindfulness and meditation can also help to provide some calm and focus the mind. Take small steps in the right direction and the stress will eventually ease.

Turning To Core Hypnosis In Times Of Severe Stress

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