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Insomnia is a common condition. In fact, most Australians experience insomnia at some point in their lives while 1 in 10 people have at least mild insomnia at any given time. Symptoms of insomnia include difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep from waking up several times during the night, waking up too early, to feeling not well rested after a night’s worth of sleep. Insomnia is a contributing factor to major chronic and lifelong health problems as well as mental health conditions. Someone with insomnia often will still feel tired after waking up, find it hard to nap during the day despite their exhaustion and feel run down and irritable throughout their day. This will affect their sense of morale and lower their overall physical health, making them more vulnerable to sickness. In severe cases, long-term insomnia negatively affects a person’s quality of life, hindering them from performing their best to achieve personal and professional goals. If you’d like an effective approach to insomnia therapy, Core Hypnosis offers hypnosis to sleep so you can eliminate your sleep problems. Call us today to book your hypnotherapy for insomnia appointment.

What is Hypnosis To Sleep - Insomnia Therapy

The Effectiveness Of Hypnosis For Insomnia Therapy

Hypnosis is an alternate solution when it comes to insomnia therapy. Unlike traditional medical treatment, it does not hinge on invasive therapies or excessive medication. The appeal in relying on hypnosis for sleep is that it allows people who suffer from insomnia a stable treatment plan for sustainable, significant results without the risk of side effects from sleeping aids. During a hypnosis session, an experienced hypnotherapist can help you relax and resolve any fears, anxieties and other contributing factors to your insomnia. If your insomnia happens to stem from an underlying psychological condition, a hypnotherapist can help you eliminate the triggers that cause the symptoms of your sleep problems. Looking for a long-term cure for insomnia? Try sleep hypnotherapy today.

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Why Insomnia Is A Serious Problem For People Of All Ages

When you find it hard to go to sleep, lie awake at night, wake up early and are unable to go back to sleep, you will experience daytime tiredness or sleepiness and potentially experience irritability, depression or anxiety about sleeping. These side effects when compounded can have a massive toll on your mood and ability to function throughout your daily life. From having difficulty paying attention, focusing on tasks or remembering to increased errors and accidents, the consequences of insomnia vary widely. It can hinder a person’s performance at their workplace to potentially endanger their safety in a road accident. For a young child, it can stifle their growth, give them a harder time in achieving academic recognition and developing socially. From wellbeing to decreased cognitive function, insomnia also causes major long-term health problems. This is because sleep is needed to replenish the body’s working organs and generate cell growth. Therefore, a lack of sleep will diminish functions such as insulin production, which places you at risk for latent diabetes, and compromise the immune system, hence making you more vulnerable to infections and other illnesses. Sleep hypnosis can help you make significant improvement in the quality of your rest and eliminate symptoms of insomnia effectively.

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Living on a lack of sleep can cause major disruptions to your daily activities and long-term consequences for your health. It can become a debilitating life condition when left unaddressed, causing damage to your physical and mental health. Want to cure your insomnia and experience the benefits of sleep? Core Hypnosis offers hypnosis to sleep so you can overcome the symptoms of your insomnia. Book an appointment for your sleep hypnotherapy session today.