Hypnosis As An Aid For Exam Stress

The education system is currently stuck with a flaw. There is a strong reliance on exam results as a means of determining the knowledge and skills of students. Yet, many students fail to produce their best work, or remember key facts in the exam environment. The results are poor grades that don’t reflect a year of hard work and understanding of the subject. Students fail because they are so stressed about the situation and the outcome. This needs to change. We need to find a way to help students excel in the exam room. Hypnosis could be the answer for many.

Exam stress can manifest itself in different ways

Sometimes, just the mere thought of taking an exam is enough to cause a reaction. There are physical reactions, such as tremors in the hands or sickness. There are also cognitive reactions, such as memory loss and an inability to write as they normally would. This means that both the exam and the preparation suffer. These symptoms may be mild, perhaps only building during long study sessions or difficult subjects. Others deal with extreme exam anxiety at the mere mention of an examination. The additional problem is that some students may try and hide the problem, forcing themselves into deeper study and worsening the issue. This could lead to medical problems like insomnia or poor immunity. Some may miss days of school, potentially worsening the situation further.

Anxiety then continues to build as students consider the consequences of a poor performance. They may have to repeat the year if they fail to achieve the required grade. This would extend their time in a difficult educational system, and take them away from their peers. They may also fail to achieve the college place they wanted. This could have knock-on implications for their career and plan on where they relocate to study. This anxiety can lead to again lead to some serious medical complications. Some may miss the exam completely due to ill health.

Hypnotherapy could be the solution that students need to achieve the best possible results with ease

Hypnosis is a helpful tool in this situation. It can provide an anchor to cling to when stress and anxiety build. Hypnosis sessions are designed to instil a sense of self confidence in the student, helping them believe that they really can achieve the grade they need. They can turn to this in times of stress as a means of stabilising themselves. Self-hypnosis tools are also helpful here as they put greater control in the hands of the student. They have a weapon to use when exam stress strikes. This means that they learn to believe in their abilities, under their own power. This can reduce any sense of inadequacy or panic, which in turn improves the chance of success in the examination.

Hypnosis for exam stress with Core Hypnosis

Successful hypnosis could have a positive impact on the way that students view the exam situation, and their abilities. Hypnosis prior to the exam period will help with the preparation and revision, allowing them to remain calm and retain the information they need. By the time the big day comes, it won’t seem quite so bad.

Any student or parent that is interested in this form of hypnotherapy should consult with Core Hypnosis to find out more. Even the act of admitting the problem and seeking help is a big step forward. Students shouldn’t feel trapped in this prison of expectation and pressure for their exams. Our hypnosis sessions and self-hypnosis tools can offer a starting point towards a better outcome. Call 0432 808 450 today to learn more.

What Core Hypnosis Clients Say…

  • ‘I feel like I am home. The person I was died in Afghanistan, and now it feels like I've got a big part of myself back. The reduction in anxiety, stress and tension has given me head space to find peace and slow down. Now I'm a better personal trainer, and an even better single dad. I’ve been asked to say a few words at my son’s school on Anzac Day. It will be a very special moment for my son to see his dad in uniform speaking to his school. Core Hypnosis paved the way for me to be the best version of myself.’  
    Jordan (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Active Military Service)