How Hypnosis Could Help Migraine Sufferers

Migraines can be crippling for sufferers. The head pain is more severe than a typical headache and often accompanied by sensitivity to light and sound. Many also due with nausea, cramps and other pain issues. Unfortunately, chronic migraines are not that rare. Millions suffer from attacks multiple times a month. A survey in the US showed that 10% of sufferers there were children. There are many questions over the best way to manage the condition and reduce symptoms. Pain management has its flaws. Hypnosis, on the other hand, could prove to be a useful tool in alternative therapy.

The increase of migraine cases in adults and children has a number of underlying causes

There are a number of potential reasons for these debilitating cases of migraines. Many people suffer because of mental health issues. Stress, anxiety and depression can increase the severity of migraines. This helps to explain increased cases in teens because adolescents can suffer acute cases of all three. Neither are helped if sufferers also deal with poor sleep patterns or insomnia. Again, this can be acute in teenagers as they develop their biological clocks. Other risk factors include allergies to foods – such as artificial sweeteners, caffeine and other additives – as well as hypersensitivity to light and sound.

Why is hypnosis a possible tool for migraine sufferers?

There are many triggers mentioned above that can be induced, or at least exacerbated, by stress and anxiety. Hypnosis is a proven aid for these mental health issues. Hypnosis sessions can help sufferers get to the root of the problem, identify key triggers and work to lessen their impact. This reduction in stress and anxiety could help to lessen the severity of the migraines. This is an interesting alternative therapy in a medical landscape that focuses so heavily on pain medication. An alternative here is the use of amitriptyline – an anti-anxiety medication. So, if there is potential in this medicated approach, there is also potential in alternative anxiety therapies.

Hypnosis for migraines in children and teenagers

There may be some parents that are a little unsure about the idea of using hypnosis on children or teens. It is understandable if this seems like a scary, or possible intrusive approach for someone that young. However, hypnosis can be effective in children because they respond better to suggestions and cues for relaxation. They don’t have the same levels of restriction and doubt over the process. They also have easy access to their imaginations to help with visualisation and progression through the sessions. This may also be more appealing and healthy than regular pain medication prescriptions.

Self-hypnosis and migraines

Then there is the idea of self-hypnosis. This can work for both adults and children with the right mindset and tools. Self-hypnosis is a great approach for dealing with issues as they arise. A weekly hypnosis session can prove to be helpful and informative, but migraine sufferers need actionable help during an attack. The same is true for anxiety sufferers and other mental health issues. Self-hypnosis tools may help sufferers identify triggers and reach a level of relaxation in the onset of a migraine. This, in turn, could lessen the impact of the migraine on their physical and mental health. Success may lessen anxiety, which could then reduce the risk of migraines even further.

Hypnosis isn’t a guaranteed cure, but it could help many young migraine sufferers

There is no quick-fix solution with migraines. Suffers can either manage the pain or manage the triggers to try and limit the problem. Prescriptions can help with the pain, but not the root cause. Hypnosis has the potential to help sufferers identify the triggers – especially with stress, anxiety and depression. There are long-term benefits to on-going treatment, even with younger children. There are also potential benefits in the short-term via self-hypnosis.

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    Jordan (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Active Military Service)